If Jesus had a Blog

If Jesus had a blog,
it might be a bit like the imaginary blog that Brant Hansen has on his own blog, Letters to Kamp Krusty.

Brant Hansen is a host for WAY FM, a Christian radio station. He's a satirist, and has a way of putting things that I just thrive on. I wish that I had come up with 'If Jesus had a Blog' before he did!

As for the place of satire, sarcasm, irony, humour, and wit in Christianity: It has a role that can be invaluable. Christians should be honest enough with themselves to be able to accept critical thinking! (Hopefully, you've recognized some of these things on the website you are visiting right now.) Hypothetical thinking can make the truth a bit more obvious to us. It is like building a model to see if the idea would make sense in reality.

'If Jesus had a blog', comes complete with hypothetical blog followers who comment on the posts. The star commenter seems to be 'horsegurl 1998'.