If Only My Birthday Wasn't on a Holiday!

Unfortunately for me, my birthday is on a holiday. Actually, I share my birthday with the biggest holiday there is: Christmas Day.

Other December babies tell me that they can relate with my feelings. However, there is a big difference between a birthday on the first week of December and having your big day on December 25th. The enormity of Christmas Day completely overshadows my birthday. Everyone is really stoked about the Christmas holiday - I feel like my birthday is a mere side event. Sometimes I wonder if it is just an inconvenience to people and they feel an obligation to give some attention to my birthday when they are already giving so much effort to the whole Christmas thing. Yeah, there is so much hoopla: Lots of shopping for gifts. All the lights. Trees. Decorations. Santas. Pageants. Singing. TV specials. Visiting. Banquets... The list goes on.... And then, somewhere in all of this, my birthday. (Sigh.)

I can’t help think that there’s a lot more excitement for the opening of the gifts under the tree than for my birthday. Usually everybody’s too stuffed from the Christmas dinner and Christmas cake to have any of my birthday cake. People greet me with ‘Merry Christmas’, and usually not with ‘happy birthday’.

I am not going to blame everyone for this. It isn’t everybody’s fault that I happened to be born on their big holiday. It’s just that sometimes I wish that I could have a birthday on another day - a day not near any other special day, like the way most other people I know have it...

I just wouldn’t mind if I'd be given a bit more attention - a few more people in the throngs that are saying ‘seasons greetings’ and ‘ho ho ho' that would remember that it is my day too, and say to me,
‘Happy birthday to you, Jesus!’ ...